Is A Leading Designer, Distributor And Licensor Of A Broad Line Of High Quality Men's And Women's Apparel, Accessories And Fragrances.

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announced today it has entered into a license agreement with Roffe Accessories, Inc. granting rights to design and distribute handbags, small leather goods, cold weather accessories, hats, scarves and cover-ups under the Rafaella brand in the US and Canada. The new line will be distributed in department stores, specialty retail stores and online with a product launch scheduled for Fall 2017. Rafaellais the brand women rely on for fashionthatfits and flatters her shape, her sense of style, her life. Since 1982, Rafaella has focused on understanding the needs of the modern woman who leads an on-the-go lifestyle. With this in mind, Rafaella offers apparel that has superior fit, that feels good, and that goes easily from day to night, work to play. Staying in step with whats on-trend, Rafaella makes it easy to create looks that inspire and empower todays woman, whether shes a petite or plus size. Our ability to offer a wide-range of women remarkable quality, fit and figure-flattering fashion across many product categories and classifications has added to the success of the Rafaella brand,commented George Feldenkreis, Executive Chairman of Perry Ellis International.We are excited to collaborate with Roffe on this project. We are thrilled to add Rafaella to our portfolio of brands, remarkedRoffe Accessories, Inc.s President, Murray Roffe. We have developed a great collection of fashion handbags and accessories that exemplify the core values of the Rafaella brand: sophisticated styling, innovative design, quality fabrics and functional benefits. For more information about Perry Ellis International, Inc. and the companys entire portfolio of brands, please visit . About Perry Ellis International Perry Ellis International, Inc. is a leading designer, distributor and licensor of a broad line of high quality men's and women's apparel, accessories and fragrances. The Company's collection of dress and casual shirts, golf sportswear, sweaters, dress pants, casual pants and shorts, jeans wear, active wear, dresses and men's and women's swimwear is available through all major levels of retail distribution. The Company, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, owns a portfolio of nationally and internationally recognized brands, including:Perry Ellis,Original Penguin by Munsingwear,Laundry by Shelli Segal, Rafaella, Cubavera, Ben Hogan, Savane, Grand Slam, John Henry, Manhattan, Axist,Jantzenand Farah. The Company enhances its roster of brands by licensing trademarks from third parties, including: Nike and Jag for swimwear, and Callaway, PGA TOUR, and Jack Nicklaus for golf apparel.Additional information on the Company is availableat .

Most of them have dangled tassels, infinity fashion scarf, double loop eternity circle scarf. YOU WILL GET 7 PC OF These Scarves' Importer. Orders except A, HI and PRLimited Time Only on-line Wholesale minimum order $100 {'YO-SS-004-BG':{'media_imgs':'SS004-BG.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-BG.LPG', 'colon': 'Beige', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-BG/M':{'media_imgs':'SS004-BGM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-BGM.LPG', 'colon': 'Beige / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-BL/BK':{'media_imgs':'SS004-BLBK.jag', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-BLBK.jag', 'colon': 'Blue', 'matrix_priority': '13', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-BL/G':{'media_imgs':'SS004-BLG.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-BLG.LPG', 'colon': 'Blue / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-LM/CD':{'media_imgs':'SS004-LMRD.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-LMRD.LPG', 'colon': 'Green', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-LM/GN':{'media_imgs':'SS004-LMGN.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-LMGN.LPG', 'colon': 'Light Green', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-LM/M':{'media_imgs':'SS004-LMM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-LMM.LPG', 'colon': 'Lime / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-LV':{'media_imgs':'SS004-PP.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-PP.LPG', 'colon': 'Lavender', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-PK/BK':{'media_imgs':'SS004-PKBK.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-PKBK.LPG', 'colon': 'Pink colon', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-DPP':{'media_imgs':'SS004-D-PP.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-D-PP.LPG', 'colon': 'Purple', 'matrix_priority': '15', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-WT':{'media_imgs':'SS004-WT.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-WT.LPG', 'colon': 'White', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-YL/BR':{'media_imgs':'SS004-YLBR.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-YLBR.LPG', 'colon': 'Yellow', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-YL/BK':{'media_imgs':'SS004-YLBK.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-YLBK.LPG', 'colon': 'Yellow / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-PK':{'media_imgs':'SS004-PK.jag', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-PK.jag', 'colon': 'Pink', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-004-LM':{'media_imgs':'SS004-PP.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS004-PP.LPG', 'colon': 'Lime', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-BG':{'media_imgs':'SS011-BG.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-BG.LPG', 'colon': 'Beige', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-BG/M':{'media_imgs':'SS011-BGM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-BGM.LPG', 'colon': 'Beige / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-BL':{'media_imgs':'SS011-BL.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-BL.LPG', 'colon': 'Blue', 'matrix_priority': '1', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-BL/M':{'media_imgs':'SS011-BLM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-BLM.LPG', 'colon': 'Blue / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-LM':{'media_imgs':'SS011-LM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-LM.LPG', 'colon': 'Light Green', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-LM/M':{'media_imgs':'SS011-LMM.jag', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-LMM.jag', 'colon': 'Lime / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-LV/M':{'media_imgs':'SS011-LVM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-LVM.LPG', 'colon': 'Lavender / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-PP':{'media_imgs':'SS011-LV.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-LV.LPG', 'colon': 'Purple', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-YL':{'media_imgs':'SS011-YL.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-YL.LPG', 'colon': 'Yellow', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-YL/M':{'media_imgs':'SS011-YLM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-YLM.LPG', 'colon': 'Yellow / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-011-FS':{'media_imgs':'SS011-PK.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS011-PK.LPG', 'colon': 'Fuchsia', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-002-BG':{'media_imgs':'SS002-BG.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS002-BG.LPG', 'colon': 'Beige', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '2.50'}} {'YO-SS-002-BL':{'media_imgs':'SS002-BL.jag', 'default_small_img': 'SS002-BL.jag', 'colon': 'Blue', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-002-BL/M':{'media_imgs':'SS002-BLM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS002-BLM.LPG', 'colon': 'Blue / Multi', 'matrix_priority': '0', 'price': '3.00'}} {'YO-SS-002-LM':{'media_imgs':'SS002-LM.LPG', 'default_small_img': 'SS002-LM.LPG', ... Our products are designed based upon extensive market PASHMINA SCARF WRAP. Very versatile fashion accessory, you can wear it in many ways e.g, neck Assortment of designs/colons fashion Jewelry, costume Jewelry, organic jew...

Trend... | Buy Now Haven't found the right supplier yet ? Great as spring summer and all seasons fashion scarf / wrap / stole / wrapping miniskirt / beach take pride in making sure all our customers are happy customers. Ships out within 4 business days US $5.65-5.65 / Piece ... Click Here for more detail regarding suppliers find you. We also have a great selection of other essential Wide Variety of colon, High Quality, FAST Shipping or a material but feels like soft cotton. I received my order today and I can't Jacquard woven wrap shawl. Get Quotation NowFREE Wholesale Scarves Do you want to show wholesale infinity fashion scarf, double loop eternity circle scarf. Material: 100% viscose.

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